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Type: Norwegian Coaster Year: 1916 Length: 34m Beam: 6m Draft: 2.1m Engine: Scania DSI11 M/S Hans was built in 1915 by the Muller yard in Amsterdam as a coastal steamer. Built of steel riveted onto angle frames she was the last small coasting vessel of her size to work in Norway. Originally she was fitted [...]

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Ethel Ada

Type: Thames Sailing Barge 1903 Length: 27.3m Beam: 6.5m Draft: 1.2m Engine: Ford 100hp Rig: Spritsail EthelAda Built in Paglesham in Essex by the Shuttlewood brothers in 1903, Ethel Ada was named after the wives of her two shipwrights. Pagelsham Creek was the final resting place of HMS Beagle and local legend has it that [...]

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Ellen Marianne

Type: Paviljoentjalk Jacht, built 1908 Length: 17.2m Beam: 4.2m Draft: 1m Engine: Ford 130hp Rig: Single mast gaff rigged Ellen Marianne was launched at Lekkerkerk in Holland in 1908 and was fitted out as an elegant paviljoentjalk yacht by Burgerhout’s Machine Works and Shipbuilding Company.  The owner of Burgerhout’s sailed her as his private yacht [...]

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Type: Luxemotor Barge Date of build and where: 1924 Length: 21.2m Beam: 3.9m Draft: 1.1m Engine: 4 cylinder Bolinder Previously registered in Holland we think Ederlezi (Hoher Rifler) was brought over to the UK in the 70′s. We are still searching for snippets from her history.

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Type: Friese Klipper Year: 1913 Length: 32.2m Beam: 6.2m Draft: 1.2m Engine: DAF Dankbaarheid (Thankfulness) was built in 1913 as a Friese Klipper – a special gauge of vessel designed for specific routes and locks along the Friesian canals in the northern part of the Netherlands. The most common rig for a sailing barge of [...]

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Type: Goole Billy Boy Year: 1915 Length: 20m Beam: 5.5m Draft: 1.2m Engine: Ford 110hp Rig: Ketch Audrey was first commissioned in 1915 as a Lightship (LV14) for the Middle Whitton sand on the River Humber. Her hull design was based on a generic coastal barge known locally as a Billy Boy. Billy Boys traditionally [...]

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Twee Gezusters

Type: Klipperaak Year: 1904 Length: 31.1m Beam: 5.5m Draft: 1.2m Engine: Perkins M130c Rig: Single mast gaff rigged Twee Gezusters (Two Sisters) was built in 1904 at the Van Aller yard in Hasselt, Holland. Originally built as a single mast sailing barge of 26m she was lengthened in 1938 and an additional mizzen mast added. [...]

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Type: Steilsteven 1928 Length: 20.2m Beam: 3.9m Draft: 1m Engine: Mercedes Rig: Single mast gaff rigged Anna was built in 1928 at the wharf of L. Wolthuis in Veendam under the name Twee Gebroeders (Two Brothers). The steilsteven (straight stem) hull was the forerunner of the motor barges that were to gradually replace the sailing [...]

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Type: Zeeuwse klipper Year: 1885 Length: 20m Beam: 4.8m Draft: 1.3m Engine: Fiat CPO3 Rig: Ketch albatros Around 1900 in Holland a number of small klippers were built for sport and recreation rather than for trading. Albatros is thought to be a rare example of one of these yachts built at the Duivendijk yard in Papendrecht [...]

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Hermitage Community Moorings

Hermitage Community Moorings (HCM) is a co-operative which built, owns, and operates a mooring on the Thames in Wapping next to what used to be Hermitage Wharf, now Wapping Memorial Gardens. The mooring provides berths for up to 23 vessels; they are predominantly residential live-aboard historic vessels, mainly river barges, plus there are a couple [...]

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