Visitor berths open to all craft (max stay two weeks)

Hermitage has two visitor berths for stays up to two weeks. Ideal if you are visiting London and need an overnight berth without the inconvenience and cost of locking into a dock, and providing a unique location in the heart of London. Visitor berths are open to all types and ages of craft, but Hermitage has an emphasis on historic craft, and ex-commercial ones in particular and there are discounts for such craft (please contact us to find out if you qualify) and discounts also for members of the Dutch Barge Association.

Location & description of visitor berths

The visitor berths are located at the downstream (east) end of the moorings, furthest offshore (south), nearest the piles. They are labelled “visitors”. Information and booking forms are located at the visitor berth railings (next to the electric outlet).

The offshore visitor berth has ~2.1m of water minimum, below datum, at a riverbed contour under the pontoon outer edge. Add tide height and factor in hull shape and consider effect of wash (see below) for assessing depth. The pontoon length is about 20m, but boats up to 40m can be moored by overhanging downstream.

The inshore visitor berth is smaller & shallower and therefore restricted in what vessels it can moor. Approx 1.3m of water below datum, at a riverbed contour 3.0 metres inshore of the pontoon.

River characteristics at Hermitage

Hermitage is on the main tideway, so please beware of the strong wash that we frequently experience here from the busy river traffic – long stretchy ropes and big fenders recommended – and some smaller craft might not be suited to mooring here. We would not recommend the mooring of a narrow boat here for more than a night, maybe not even that. We are close to where the Thames Clippers switch to high speed (ie above 12 knots). The river can be particularly harsh near low water (shallow) and near high water (reflected waves off the quayside). The river is however fairly flat and quiet between midnight and 7am most of the time. Tides – the ebb tide at Hermitage is much stronger than the flood tide.

Advance booking is recommended.

Please email / call the Moorings Manager on:  /  +44 (0)20 7481 2122


visitor berths

  up to 15 metres (49'3") over 15 metres
Overnight stay £40 £54
Historic vessels* / DBA members £26 £40
Thames sailing barges n/a £40
Short stay (under 3 hours, not bookable) £14 £20