Project Description

Type: motorschip
Year: 1931
Length: 31.4m
Beam: 5.1m
Draft: 1.2m tbc

VIOD 2 (an acronym meaning roughly  ‘our aim is to go forward’) was built in 1931 at Sappermeer with a length of 28m for a vegetable trader who almost immediately went bankrupt. She was sold to J Smedeman who soon lengthened the ship to 31.4m. During the war the vessel was seized by the Germans but he disabled the vessel by knocking holes in the top of the pistons. After the war, he repaired the holes in situ and started trading again. His son took over in 1951 and lengthened the vessel once more to almost 39m. In turn his son Wim Smederman took over and traded until 2013 when he retired and sold the vessel to the current owner. None of Wim’s three daughters, all brought up on board, wished to take over, though one was by then already skippering a 150m x 16m oil tanker.