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What’s Eco-Venturers?

‘Eco-Venturers’ is a primary school day-long workshop for KS2, aimed at supporting children’s learning towards ecoschool status, or indeed a future in a sustainable society. We welcome one class per day and children do a carousel of engaging activities at Hermitage Community Moorings in small groups.

What do children learn?

  • the story of climate change in a 10-minute whizz-bang thriller ride, from fossil fuel deposition in deepest history, through modern extraction and use, and the toxic consequences of our dependence on them
  • examples of some inspiring young people around the world who have made a difference
  • they explore and experiment with sustainable energy and recycling
  • how to be creative and offer their own solutions to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future

Why is Eco-Venturers at Hermitage Community Moorings?

The historic boats at Hermitage provide a thinking tool to consider the past, the present and the future and crucially, they have to carry all the resources needed by the crew on board. The resource-use of the boat dwellers provides an interesting case study of low-needs living, and some of the boats have ingenious stories to tell. They all have people living on them, many of whom are prepared to talk about their boats to pupils.

Who can come?

Key stage two pupils from schools, with enough adults to support them. River Thames Boat Project only provide teaching staff.

Anything else?

They participate in ‘Fresh WaterWatch’ a citizen science initiative to measure pollution levels in the Thames, and consider where pollution comes from. They finish off with a physical experience of what it’s like to carry your own water for a day.

What time does it start and finish?

The day starts at about 9.30 when pupils are welcomed onto the Pierhouse at Hermitage Community Moorings. They break for lunch at about 12, and are asked to bring a waste-free lunch if possible, and their collective waste will be weighed at the end! The day ends around 3pm, or whenever the class needs to leave, by negotiation. Both children and teachers are extended a warm welcome to return to HCM’s many open days.

How much does it cost?

The booking deposit costs £285 per day booked (one class). This secures your booking and includes all materials and equipment but is fully refundable after the workshop.

What do we need to bring, apart from food?

Nothing, all materials are provided. You need to dress appropriately for the weather as some of the work is outside.

I’m interested, but won’t be signing up right now, do you have a mailing list to keep me informed?

Yes! Please write to info@thamesboatproject.org and ask to be added to the mailing list. We can keep you up to date with the latest news and dates.

How can I book?

Please call the River Thames Boat Project on 020 89403509

Or email  info@thamesboatproject.org, or pippa@thamesboatproject.org

Or fill in the on-line booking form by clicking here. Please be aware that we ask for your desired dates, but we will have to confirm the availability of dates you want by email or by phone before you can consider them booked.


Delivery of the workshops

These workshops are developed and delivered by the staff and volunteers of the River Thames Boat Project.

Hermitage River Projects gives support to Eco-Ventures and hosts the space and access to the boats.






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