The first open days of 2024 will be similar to usual with a pop up cafe in the pier house and all the resident barges to look at close up.

We also hope that one or other of the fire tenders usually moored at Lambeth Station opposite the Houses of Parliament will be here to view in all their utilitarian glory. “Errington” and “Tanner” replaced the previous boats less than two years ago, and are designed not just to fight fires with their huge on board pumps (2500 litres a minute) but rescue distressed people, pets and vessels from water and riverside. An onboard crane,  shallow draft (0.6m, 2 foot) and flat bottom help, with beaching ability and front ramp. A 16.2m x 5.2m aluminium hull with twin engines producing 900bhp via waterjet propulsion giving a top speed of 45knots (51mph)

Due to their role on duty on the river we can’t be sure they will join us at Hermitage till the day, and they may be called away if they are here, but we hope they will be here for some of the time.

Fire boats | London Fire Brigade (