River Thames Society Annual Award

Hermitage is delighted to have received the Shield this year. It is an award to an individual or group of individuals, organisation or corporate body, for making the most significant contribution to the well being of the River Thames during the calendar year. The 2016 award was accepted by Anne Wainwright on behalf of Hermitage [...]

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Misty mooring

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Christmas message

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and New Year from everyone at Hermitage

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Swale 2014

05:30 Friday 1st August and the moorings was a buzz. Four of our barges were away to Faversham for the Kentish Sailing Association's 42nd Swale Match. It was the first down river trip for crew on Ederlezi so we had agreed to go in convoy. We hadn't got as far as Greenwich when we were pulled [...]

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A still summers night

In the early hours the Thames can become very still, here's a shot (26mm, 10s, f9) from the upstream end of HCM (click for high-res version & more). Photo: Gavin Starks M/S Hans

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Handrail Varnishing

Cindy and I (Elliot) started early on Saturday morning with the intention of restoring our beloved handrail to the shiny and pristine condition in which it was left by our predecessors two summers ago. In the interim it had suffered from the ravages of wind, water and sun, exuberant thumping of four sets of swinging [...]

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Tower Bridge Under Construction

Photographs of Tower Bridge being constructed are found in a skip. You can just see the HCM site on the left here behind the bridge. Picture: David Willoughby / Barcroft Media  

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Marinus emerges from the paint-ship

Marinus, soon to join us at Hermitage, emerges from the paint-shop in a display that would make Henry F. proud

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Albatross off to get her new Mizzen Mast

Albatross now in the yard at St Osyth and with all the water gone we can't believe how we managed to navigate through!

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This fairy tale barge was spotted during a trip to Holland. It conjures up images of damsels in distress, knights in shining armour, and dark dreary dungeons.

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