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Nooit Volmaakt

Type: River Klipper Year: 1899 Length: 21.6m Beam: 5.1m Draft: 1.2m Engine:  tbc Rig:  tbc Nooit Volmaakt was built in 1899 at Ruijtenberg shipyard in Geertruidenberg, originally named 'Mijn Genoegen' ("My pleasure"). She is a River Klipper and would have traded bulk goods on and around the Rhine before the Second World War. In 1939 her name was changed to [...]

Viod II

Type: motorschip Year: 1931 Length: 31.4m Beam: 5.1m Draft: 1.2m tbc Engine: Rig: VIOD 2 (an acronym meaning roughly  'our aim is to go forward') was built in 1931 at Sappermeer with a length of 28m for a vegetable trader who almost immediately went bankrupt. She was sold to J Smedeman who soon lengthened the ship to 31.4m. During the [...]

Zeldenrust III

Type: Motor barge, originally built 1932 as one of a pair Length: 28.0 m Beam: 5.1m Draft: 1.1m Engine: air-start Kromhout 2H3  80hp Zeldenrust III (seldom at rest) started out as one half of a catamaran ferry in Nijmegen, Holland. The construction of a bridge lead to its decommissioning in 1936 and splitting into two tanker vessels. The portside half [...]

Twee Artsen

Type: Klipperaak Year: 1906 Length: 29.0m Beam: 5m Draft: 1.2m Engine: Perkins Rig: De-rigged during its working life Twee Artsen (two doctors) was built as a single mast klipperaak by the brothers Appelo at Zwartsluis, Holland in 1906. Klipperaark barges were known as the 'poor-man's klipper' because the lacked the wheel steering and elegant counter-stern of the faster sea-going klippers. As with many [...]


Type: Luxe Motor Year: 1925 Length: 24.9m Beam: 4.5 m Draft: 1.5m Engine: DAF 825 Lucia was launched on the 17th March 1925 at the shipyard of Willem Mulder in the Skadskanaal in the Netherlands. She is a Luxe Motor, a "modern" inland vessel built without sails to capitalise on the relatively newly invented diesel engine (which first started to be [...]

De Walvisch

Type: Klipper Year: 1896 Length: 25.7m Beam: 5.85m Draft: 1.1m Engine: Klochner Deutz 116hp Rig: Gaff rigged Ketch De Walvisch was built as a sailing cargo ship in Duyvendijk, Ouderkerk aan den IJssel and used as as cargo vessel well into the 1960's, mostly carrying sand and eels. During the Second World War she was commandeered by the Germans and her bow [...]


Type: Luxe Motor Year: 1929 Length: 19.85m Beam: 4.2 m Draft: 1.2m Engine: DAF 615 Stormvogel was built by of rivetted steel in Zwijndrecht in Holland in 1929 and is a classic example of the small luxe motor class of barge that gradually replaced the sailing barges of the Dutch commercial fleet between the wars. Registered in Breda in 1930 with [...]

Selby Ellen

Type: Humber Barge Year: 1954 Length: 30.8m Beam: 6m Draft: 1.2m Engine: Lister Selby Ellen is one of a generation of small motor barges that gradually replaced the sailing Keels and Sloops of the Humber after the Second World War. Built by Richard Dunstan’s yard at Thorne in 1954 along similar lines to the first steam [...]


Type: Medway Coaster Year: 1961 Length: 27.4m Beam: 6m Draft: 1.4m Engine: Kelvin K4 Designed by Richard Dunstan Shipbuilders of Thorne in Yorkshire, Rock was built by the London and Rochester Trading Company at their Quarry Yard in Frindsbury on the River Medway in 1961. A distinctive feature of the smaller coastal motor barge fleet [...]


Type: Luxe Motor Year: 1931 Length: 23.1m Beam: 4.5 m Draft: 1.2m Engine: DAF 575 Maxime was built by the Van Der Laan brothers of Woubrugge, Holland in May 1931. The Luxe Motor barge type rapidly supplanted the older aak and tjalk hull styles in the 1920’s and 30’s offering straighter sides and a wider [...]