Sailing vessel Gallant, of the Blue Schooner Company, will arrive in London to deliver a cargo of a variety of foodstuffs on behalf of a growing community of of sail-cargo-pioneers. This group of farmers, sailors, traders and foodies are leading the way in transporting products , people and ideas over oceans by the power of the wind, showing that a fossil-fuel-free future is possible. It is thought to be the first substantial cargo arrival by sail ship since the late 1960’s. The ship will be received by Raybel Charters and New Dawn Traders who are collecting orders for these exceptional products and planning the unloading events.

After staying in Greenwich for a day the vessel moves up river to the Pool of London on the 9th October and will be mooring at Hermitage. The ship will unload several tonnes of cargo made up of olive oil, olives, almonds, honey and salt, plus Caribbean coffee and chocolate. The coffee and chocolate were loaded on to the Gallant in Portugal, having made the trip across the Atlantic from the Caribbean on another sailing ship, the Tres Hombres. All of these products come from small producers and cooperatives who give the best care to the land and uphold the traditions of generations.

The star of the show will be the beautiful ship. The Gallant, built in Holland in 1916, first sailed as a fishing lugger on the North Sea. After a varied career spanning a century, the ship was bought by the Blue Schooner Company, who have put it back to work as a cargo vessel. The ship is one amongst a growing number in Europe and around the world that are nurturing a renaissance in the craftsmanship of sailing, from the construction and maintenance of traditional ships to the art of sailing without fossil fuel.

Ship details:

36.2m length, including bowsprit

6.6m beam

2.7m draft

160 tonnes displacement

416m2 sail area