The team return, though without the Thames Venturer vessel since their skipper is sailing in Antarctica.

Another successful classroom session in the Pier House for a group of 25 children from St Peter’s London Docks school in Wapping. The children were river scientists collecting important data about pollutants in the Thames, part of an international project on the health of our rivers, hosted by EarthWatch. They also used the historic boats moored here at Hermitage as inspiration for designing their very own ‘eco boat’, thinking about green inventions and sustainable lifestyles.

The school have already been awarded a recycling award last year by Tower Hamlets Borough Council, and have enjoyed learning all about the history of the local area on geography walks, so their day with the River Thames Boat Project at Hermitage really has boosted their classroom learning this term. Well done St Peter’s, our planet is in safe hands.

The River Thames Boat Project plans to return to Hermitage in the Autumn term for some more Eco Venturing on the Thames at Tower Hill.

Hermitage pic James Walters (2) Hermitage pic for James Walters