Hermitage Community Moorings (HCM) is a co-operative which built, owns, and operates a mooring on the Thames in Wapping, next to the Memorial Gardens that overlook the river at what used to be known as Hermitage Wharf.

The mooring provides berths for up to 23 vessels: enabling a mixture of long term residential live-aboard use and short term visitor boat use. HCM provides well-managed river access for local people, including educational and recreational facilities.

HCM was created by a small, dedicated community over the course of about 6 years and is the first development of its kind on the Thames for more than a generation. The co-operative members entirely self-funded the planning, design, management, construction, installation, and operation of the moorings. The infrastructure is designed to create a small, close-knit community of people committed to boat use and the preservation of historic craft.

Part of its ambition is to ensure traditional river craft (e.g. sailing barges, tugs and motor craft) remain part of the Wapping landscape for future generations – and to create a local landmark that promotes Wapping’s historic links with the river.

HCM is grateful for the support of numerous individuals, including more than 1000 local Wapping residents, and many owners of significant historic vessels, and in addition the following organisations:

Heritage Afloat The Museum of London
The Pool of London Partnerships St. Peter’s London Docks CE Primary
The Port of London Authority Bigland Green Primary School
The Environment Agency Westminster Petroleum


Hermitage River Projects (HRP)

Hermitage River Projects is a registered charity that operates the visitor berths and helps to coordinate events at HCM.