Buildings all over London, usually closed to the public will be open throughout the weekend of 21st-22nd September as part of Open House. For the third year running, Hermitage Moorings is one of those. Highlights of this year will be our three visiting steam ships, and the chance to go on a river cruise!

What’s On:

  • Volharding will be operating river cruises that include a Tower Bridge lift. Tickets on sale now
  • After their performance in 1513: A Ships Opera, three of the participating boats will be staying at Hermitage so you can have a closer look. Vic 96, Barking and Kent will all be available, including their crew. If you time it right on Sunday you’ll even get to see Vic 96 in full steam as she heads back to her home in Chatam.
  • As well as our visitors, we have 18 permanent boats moored at Hermitage, these will all be on display with residents standing by to answer your questions about what its like living on the river.
  • If the boats aren’t enough there’s a Café, rope board where you can practice your knots and an activity sheet for the kids